New Update 1.6.1: Prologue

Hello everyone! The prologue is finally here on! This update is bringing a significant amount of changes with it, so I'll jump straight to them:

- Tutorial. New players can use this option on Floor 1 to learn the basics of the game, and returning players can refresh their knowledge while being belittled by an amphibian fellow. Win-win scenario if you ask me.

- Enemy Intent. Probably our most requested feature, enemies will now

- New Unlockable Mode. If you already mastered the in and outs of the dungeon, we´re presenting a new mode that will make even our most skilled players sweat. Featuring a new dice type, three new dice properties and a few extra events, this unlockable mode is, quite literally, a never-ending challenge.

- Credits & more settings. Now you can find a new credits button on the title screen with a full list of all the people involved in the development of the game. Looking at it now, the list is even bigger than we thought (thank you all!). There's also a few more options on the pause menu, including sliders for music and sound, and quick access to all our social media accounts. Ah, one more thing, these settings should persist between runs now, so no more turning the timer off at the beginning of every run!

- And much more. There's a lot of small things we added for this update, mostly QoL changes and some optimizations across the board. Our aim is to make Die in the Dungeon as accessible and easy to play as possible, while also maintaining the inherent difficulty of the game. It is a fine line to walk, but so far it looks like we're managing. By the way,  did you notice the new cursor? About time, right?

Well, that was quite a bit, wasn't it? With this update, we're wrapping Die in the Dungeon CLASSIC development and focusing completely on the full version of the game (link below!). If you want to follow the development process, join our Discord server, we're looking for new testers at the moment so you'll have the opportunity to play the latest builds and give feedback directly to us. And if you want to keep with the latest news, follow us on Twiter!

That's all for today, thank you all for playing!


Die in the Dungeon 1.6.1 [WIN] 41 MB
Jan 22, 2023
Die in the Dungeon 1.6.1 [MAC] 49 MB
Jan 22, 2023
Die in the Dungeon 1.6.1 [LINUX] 40 MB
Jan 22, 2023

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