Die in the Dungeon is a deck-building, turn-based roguelite where you dont use cards, but dice! Try to find the best combination to conquer the 20-floor dungeon, but be careful, a frog like you can only get so far before encountering a prey too big to swallow...

• • •


The reign of terror of the Elite Moth is finally over. With this new update, all enemies had been reworked with more thoughtful actions and a more sensible difficulty curve. Most of the changes are QoL stuff and some minor bugfixes, but there's some exciting stuff as well:

- New dice variations! Dice are now divided in five different categories, depending on rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and Legendary. So don't hesitate if you get the chance to add a new die to your deck, you might even find something unique in there...

- Mirror dice! The mirror dice was in the original version of the game, but it probably flew over the radar of many players as it was easily mistook for a Boost dice (same color...), and it also had some limitation in terms of mechanics. But now things are different, you can use this die to copy any other die in any way you want, so use your imagination if you add it to your deck!

- And the most important change... you can now open your deck when considering which reward to choose! Yeah, sorry about that one, it was suppose to be there for the original release, but somehow I forgot about it in the rush of the final hours, and probably made one too many people mad with a seemingly arbitrary limitation.

Originally, this update was planned to be much bigger, but we decided to split the content into two different updates, this first one being focused on ironing out all those known balance issues, just so people can play the game as it was originally intended  to be. As for the second update, it will be nothing more than pure C O N T E N T. And is definitely not going to be a long wait, so please look forward to it!

Uh? What's that? You want at least a hint of what's next? Hmm, okay, let's just say one thing: sometimes an ENDING is not really an ENDING... ;)

Here is the link to the discord https://discord.gg/JBHT7DUgEq we hope you have a nice stay there :) 

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Code by  @jaungardener  and @yomellamoyorch

Art by @alartsf

Music by @gonzamol8

Updated 1 minute ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorsAlarts, Jaun, adrioxo, SexyBuggy
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
Made withUnity
TagsCute, Deck Building, Dice, Frogs, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button


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OMG I love this! Keep it up ^^



WOW es increíble, esta muy bien hecho.

Aunque se le podrían añadir ciertas cosas, como un modo de PvP multijugador en linea, un modo historia un modo cooperativo...

Pero eso ya es decisión tuya.


WOW is incredible, it is very well done.

Although certain things could be added, such as an online multiplayer PvP mode, a story mode, a cooperative mode ...

But that is already your decision.


Thank you for your comment and feedback! ^^


¿Eso significa que lo intentarás añadir?


That mean that you will try to add it?

Wow, Great Game!  Very fun. However, upgrading the purple boost dice seems pretty bad imo which is counterintuitive. Besides that, it's a great challenge.


Thank you! We might change a bit the boost dice since it's true that 4 is pretty bad and definetely not an upgrade


I have played it dozens of times and won it dozens of times. But, sometimes I really hate the game and swear the authors. And I want them to be in my shoes at such moments, feel my frustration and misery and try to create some strategy when all the options are trolling you.

Because it's really not cool when the game doesn't give you the ability to acquire heavy attack and defense dices at all regardless the strategy you use, and you are feeling total frustration and misery on high levels. It's also not cool when you are fed up with shitty dices on low levels and game doesn't allow you to either acquire something good or upgrade something, because upgrade option not appear for a lot of levels and you acquire shit like basic dices.


And also there is a very annoying mechanic when you are trying to prolong the battle to get a better heal option. Especially when you have to do it against the last bug that is a healer, - battle becomes endless. Is it possible to change it somehow?

I get what you mean, we have also played it tons of times and know the game is very based on how much luck you get in a run, but we kinda like it that way, after all, the main mechanic are dice, which are always totally random IRL. We tried to make it as fair as possible so a good player nearly always wins his runs (although some might be harder than others).

The higher floor you are the best dices you are gonna get, but after all, it's also a probability.

Hey There! I played your game and it's super coool!! I like how you implement the dice as a way to heal, attack or defend. It made the rouge-like gameplay more fun somehow :D Although i didnt beat till level 20 it is so good!! 8/10!! Naisu JOB!!

We are glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for making a video ;)

really fun and addictive game, also it runs on my potato pc so thats good

We gotchu fam


playthrough here:

Really fun game I hope a bigger version comes out there's so many things they could add and as the game is now it's still pretty intricate with limited options. Definitely a 5 out of 5 itch.io game, but screw them red archers for real though.

We are planning on releasing updates for the game and one should drop soon with some QoL changes and some new mechanics ;)

is fantastic game. Now, i am a fallower

Thank you! ^^

Very cool game

Amazing game

wait, do heavy dice disappear for the rest of the floor once used once?


They go back to your discard pile, and eventually back to your deck so you can draw them again.

I thought they were like crystals

The last boss was easy :D

Hahaha, good job! (´∀`)b

Welp, i just beat it (first try) and my health never went under 14 ;)

It was really fun :)

I want a sequel or more floors please!


Luigi sells sea shells on a seashore to take over the world


I just beat the game, so I feel now is a good time to properly review it. This game was fantastic! It's fun and relatively difficult, especially with its mechanics. The dice fit together so seamlessly that the right setup can allow you to achieve incredible things, so how the game plays is truly up to the player. Despite beating the game, I will definitely be coming back for more, 9/10

was doing pretty well then boom floor 16. before, each floor was doing 10 damage per turn at most. floor 16 there were 2 enemies that did 10 damage per turn each. 

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extremely hard and very fun

İ love it it is very interesting game .

i love it


I'm addicted send help. Such a fun game, looking forward to the second update!


me too

So Cool!!!


wait i get it now because die is also the singular name for dice oh my god amazing game 10/10


 can someone give a good list of strategy games?

1. This one

2. This one

3. This one



Best music and combination of mechanics!


I was afraid when I read the description that I was going to run into a copy of dicey dungeon, but not at all!

It took me a while to get to the "fin", and I loved trying to find optimal strategies! Congrats!

agree, i just hope the next update changes it some since once you find the strongest strat, game becomes pretty easy


This game is amazing.


I have never played a game like this before, and I have to say man.... You did a FANTASTIC job on this I love it

When do you put the android version? I love this game


I absolutely love this game! I can honestly say this is one of the few games I actually really look forward to seeing update in the future!

The concept is fantastic, the mechanics work perfectly, if albeit infuriatingly so in some cases, and the dice diveristy, while limited for now, has still yet to disappoint after multiple replays!

I love the enemy design, and while it is painful to get round where you're desperately trying to kill 3 archers before they shoot you full of arrows, or trying to bludgeon your way through 2 flies so you can finally murder that Elite hiding behind them that just won't stop making it a nightmare to survive, or slowly chipping your way through a shield while it's not only boosting itself but getting supported by an Elite while both take whacks at you (and then after breathing a sigh of relief once you survive immediately feel yourself inhale it back in as the next floor is the exact same duo).

The dice are really fun, from 'The Poop's' hidden mechanic, to rolling that perfect RNG and getting not only a gold, non-crystal heal, but then also a heavy, gold, miracle, non-crystal heal (though then you get a beatdown by a Shield defending an Elite shield for two rounds in a row, and barely survive the final boss with 3 HP).

Though I will admit I'm still confused by some titles, such as miracle, overkill, and trickster. I don't know if they're supposed to imply extra hidden abilities like 'The Poop' has, or just to imply they deal extra damage compared to their standard gold versions.

Sure there's some minor issues, if you remove the heal-dice from the attack layout it'll leave the green + icon next to your character until you put it back on the layout and then take it off again, or the rounds end, sometimes you only get the same rewards for multiple rounds, up to 5 or, though quite rarely, more in a row such as only heal/upgrade health and remove dice, or add and heal despite you desperately needing to rebalance your deck with either some removals or upgrades so you'll stop only pulling ones.

But really all they are are minor ones that are either graphical glitches, or in all honestly just complaints about how certain functions don't work in a way that makes the game play a bit easier while in truth as it is doesn't actually interfere with the gameplay past sometimes making a run a bit harder than usual. Nothing that's actually game breaking, or can't be played with with a bit of extra strategy.

All in all, this is a fun concept, a fairly unique roguelike, and an all around fantastic game I'd honestly pay for even despite it already being free!

I can't wait to see where you take this in the future!


This is fantastic! I had a tough time balancing out my moves and hoping that I'd get the right dice


A little on the easy side but a neat little game.


only complaint I have is that the elite archers are just stupid. they can do up to 14 damage, and even on a run where I had heavy gold healing and blocking dice, I still couldn't manage to take him down when he was in the back of a room. also, PLEASE let us choose which bug to attack first, or put elite archers only in the front or middle so you don't take all of your health's worth of damage just getting to him. 


being able to choose target would make this way too easy


first of all, it would make it more strategic and they would have the freedom to be more creative with rooms, and second of all I suggested an alternate solution as well. also why do you go to everyone's suggestions and go '(suggestion) would make this way too easy' lol the game is  rng reliant anyway so why not suggest a few changes to make it more fair to the player

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Very good game :D



The game is one of the best but I recommend doing something like putting a 2 super troops cap because once I got 2 elite blue bugs with an elite healer in the back and there was nothing I could do, but apart from that this game is amazing! Can't wait for the next update.

Playing this was amazing!

Oh wow! I remember playing this during the jam -- glad to see its getting updates! Great work, guys!

wow... what a great game! So simple and yet so cool! very nice!

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Well, I think this is easily the best game I ever played on itch.io!

I especially like the rogue-like permadeath, but I see three problems related to the "death drops":

  • They are too random: In my last game I only got "new dice" and "remove dice" in the first 10ish waves and only "upgrade dice" and "heal hp" in the last 10ish waves. The other way around can also happen and is way more useful.
  • In the first waves, the new dice you can get are boring. They are the same you already have. They should be at least one point better.
  • The heavy dice are far better than most others, since they are the only way to have more than three dice on the board. In my last game I had three heavy dice and losing was out of the question henceforth.

Apart from that, moths (the healers) are extremely hard to beat and annoying in the beginning. I think they should only show up from wave three or so...


good game, good combat, but its very frustrating to go all the way back to the start. It would be nice if there were some form of permanent upgrades, for example dice that you can keep from run to run to make death less frustrating.


would make it too easy

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