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haven't played at the time of this comment but i can already tell this will be a really cool game on its official release

woo best run so far

this is a great game

That music getting all tense during my queen bee fight really got my heart pumping.


Awesome game, wishlisted!

I really like the amount of strategy, great game!


I will buy the android version if you create the port. 👍👍👍

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i think attack should be easier to acquire, and enemies should do more damage, otherwise encounters get longer instead of harder, which becomes boring rather quick

also i love full hollow 5 dice builds, so very epic

heavy dice are kinda meh, some times they are useful, especially on block dice, but on boosts you can’t keep too many dice for the next rounds, so you can only plan ahead unless you have a 5 to 8 dice deck, or by having several of the same type, which is kinda boring and turns them annoying if you want a larger deck

This Is a Fun Game To Play I Enjoyed It 

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it's surprisingly easy to reach a point where you just stay at max block and health without doing enough damage, especially  against the healing enemy.

I like how shield is like a second health bar though. I don't think I've ever seen that interpretation of shield before.

Nice game! i really love how the mechanics are presented, can't wait for the release

This game is amazing. Can't wait for release!

Will there be a android version or should I download another version to use in android?

Top 8 favourite Itch Game I played in 2023 (Others are listed in this blog post)
I will give some money and Whishlist on Steam when I finish the Blogpost.

I really like the uniqueness of this Deckbuilding. Am excited to see what the full Steam release will offer.
If I recall correctly the normal Enemies got kind of easy after a while, though the Boss at the end was too much for me every time I reached it. But that's really the only feedback I can give now (usually I have a lot more to say but I am far too exhausted from writing lots of other stuff).

very G00d game

This is a Cool Game I Liked It and Its Fun To Play

the game won't load?

This game is really fun, i got to level 20 and died, and today the game wont load :/

juegazoo 9/10





Simply excellent


very cool!


Level 62 my highest on endless. Got to 113 health. Took about an hour. Forgot I had it running in the background for 2 hours lol. 

soooo good game

Super fun game! I just played for a bit over an hour and ended up getting crushed at level 25. Give it a try if you're not sure.

Meu deus que jogo bom!!!!

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Easter egg? I just noticed this after going to the pristine water and haven't seen it before the other times.


I found it very cool, with plenty of replayability.
it's added to the whishlist.

Small graphic point, I find that the "finish" button is not very visible.

Otherwise, it could be a choice, but I'd find it cool to be able to click on an enemy to get info on it.

*Spoilers* I have spent so long to have enough hp to survive the dude and I finally had 53 hp against him and he just says wait what welp guess I gotta use this then and then holds his sword with an eye on it and does 9999 dmg and it just restarts

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32bit pls


add endless mode

this threw me off.

was anyone able too beat the bee boss

Yeah. Not that bad if you use the honey wisely. Honey also stacks so if you throw a heavy die down on top of two honey on one of the queen spaces  you can get a lot of damage or shield for free on the next few turns.

cool thanks


i wonder why this doesnt work

either im real dumb or the browser version softlocks if you try to upgrade dice when you can.

I want moreeee!!!!! Added in wishlist


this game is cool guy approved 😎


Is this game also coming out on Nintendo Switch? I loooove deck building/roguelites on the Switch. Please let me know.

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